Vienna Symphonic Library releases FX Strings and FX Woodwinds


Just got wordthat VSL has released 2 new Orchestral effects sample libraries in their Big Bang Orchestra 
Vienna Symphonic Library releases FX Strings and FX Woodwinds

Vienna, October 7, 2020 – The Vienna Symphonic Library is pleased to announce the release of two new installments of their successful Big Bang Orchestra series. Big Bang Orchestra: Regulus – FX Strings offers production-ready tonal and atonal elements and textures played by a 50-piece string ensemble. The library is currently available at an introductory price of $147 (reg. $213).

Big Bang Orchestra: Solaris – FX Woodwinds comes with Low Winds and High Winds ensembles performing low notes, clusters, runs and arpeggios. It is currently available at an introductory price of $71 (reg. $104).

At the same time, Vienna Symphonic Library introduces two limited time offers: SYNCHRON-ized Woodwinds is available at a 30% discount. What’s more, customers who purchase one of the company’s VI Single Instruments receive a second Single Instrument for free.

FX Strings

Big Bang Orchestra: Regulus reveals an abundance of effects and unusual playing techniques, originally recorded for the Synchron FX Strings I Collection. It includes ethereal soundscapes, pulsating textures and loops, suspense-packed tensions, risers, hits, clusters, lightly bowed whispers, low rumbling swarms and much more. This powerful library makes it easy to evoke entire sonic worlds just by holding one or two keys, with the option to change the intensity or add variety by moving pre-configured controllers. While 50 microphones were used to capture an array of positions, from close to ambient, the Synchron Player’s integrated mixer offers 16 channels with close mic signals of each ensemble, front and back mics, Decca tree, main surround, and high surround signals. A host of perfectly balanced mixer presets is readily available, from optimized stereo room mixes to immersive audio applications.

FX Woodwinds

Big Bang Orchestra: Solaris includes woodwind tones and phrases in two main categories: Low Winds and High Winds.

The Low Winds section consists of an ensemble of three contrabassoons, two bassoons, one contrabass clarinet and two bass clarinets. Together, they perform the fundamental lows, with articulations such as short notes, long notes, espressivo, short and long swells, sforzatos, sforzatissimos, and flutter tongues. All of these playing techniques are available as notes playing in unison and octaves, as well as in clusters. A crossfade patch allows users to blend seamlessly from unison to clusters and back.

The High Winds section consists of one piccolo, three flutes, two oboes and four clarinets. Apart from long notes in unison and octaves, these top musicians from the Synchron Stage Orchestra, who have developed into a cohesive ensemble over the years, show off their synergistic virtuosity by performing runs and arpeggios in a wide variety of scales and chords. Runs are available in major and minor keys, as well as in diatonic modes, chromatic and whole tone scales. Arpeggios are performed in various chords, including major, minor, sevenths, diminished and augmented. Never before was it so simple to have an entire woodwind section play vivid and shimmering, rhythmically perfect arpeggios, just by holding a single key. Played in 16th triplets, they are available in three tempos – 80, 100 and 120 bpm – and can easily be synced to the host tempo using the Synchron Player’s time stretching feature, or even changed in real-time using a MIDI controller.

For all details on FX Strings and FX Woodwinds visit Vienna Symphonic Library