Vienna Symphonic Library release Synchron Strings Pro


Just got word from VSL that Synchron Strings Pro is now available. 

With a plethora articulations including legato, legatos senza and molto vibrato, long notes, flautandos, short note spiccatos, “bold” staccato, detachés and “agile” staccato, ponticello (staccatos, sustains, legatos, tremolos), col legno and harmonics and more this collection has lot to offer.

The library is being released in two versions, Synchron Strings Pro Standard Library normally € 445 (intro price € 295) and the Synchron Strings Pro Full Library normally € 740 (intro price € 520 )  until November 2, 2020.

Info from the developer below.

 Synchron Strings Pro represents the next generation of sampled string ensembles, fusing artistic expression, a wealth of detailed articulations, natural note transitions and sonic excellence within a resource-friendly, easy-to-use product.

Artistic expression
A wealth of detailed articulations
Authentic note transitions
New “agile” legatos for a natural flow
Additional soft attack and soft release samples
Legendary VSL legatos with portamento and flautando legato
Vibrato control & vivid dynamics
Recorded at Synchron Stage Vienna with multiple microphones
Resource-friendly & easy to use
Crossgrade prices for users of Synchron Strings I

For all details on Synchron Strings Pro visit Vienna Symphonic Library