Vienna Symphonic Library release Big Bang Orchestra: Dorado & Eridanus


VSL announce new Big Bang Orchestra: Dorado & Eridanus
Vienna Symphonic Library releases two percussion ensemble packs

Vienna, March 11, 2020 – The Vienna Symphonic Library is pleased to announce the release of two new percussion ensemble libraries for their Big Bang Orchestra series of tutti recordings.
BBO: Dorado offers single strokes, upbeats and rolls at an introductory price of $71.
BBO: Eridanus includes drum patterns at an introductory price of $55.

Big Bang Orchestra: Dorado – Percussion Ensembles
For the first drum and percussion library of the Big Bang Orchestra series, Vienna’s engineers sampled up to six percussionists playing together in the large hall of Synchron Stage Vienna, capturing the human liveliness and musicality that’s one of the cornerstones of the entire series. The instruments were selected from Synchron Stage Vienna’s own climate-controlled drum and percussion vault that matches the atmospheric conditions of the recording stages, and where they are meticulously maintained to be ready for film music sessions at all times. BBO: Dorado contains several categories of set-ups, with two main divisions: skins and metals. Combining instruments from both groups covers the entire frequency spectrum, in addition to creating a large percussion ensemble consisting of up to twelve musicians. The skin categories include Monster Drums, Bass Drums, Thunder Toms, Special Drums, and Snare Drum Ensemble. The metal group offers Suspended Cymbals, Super Crashes, Big Metal, and Small Metal. What’s more, the included collection of MIDI loops can be played with the Synchron Player’s internal MIDI player.

Big Bang Orchestra: Eridanus – Percussion Riffs
The second drums and percussion installment of the Big Bang Orchestra adds powerful, driving rhythmic patterns to Vienna’s series of tutti recordings. Johannes Vogel, composer and principal conductor at Synchron Stage Vienna, who is also an accomplished percussionist in his own right, orchestrated a variety of patterns that not only complement the symphonic riffs included in BBO: Capricorn, but lend energy and drive to any track. All patterns are categorized by frequency ranges in Main Riffs, Low Riffs, and High Riffs. The Main and Low Riffs are played using the Taiko drums, bass drum and concert toms, while the High Riffs are created using small concert tom, snare drum, stacked cymbals, conga and bongos. All patterns can be mixed, matched and stacked across the board. The Synchron Player’s new time-stretch feature allows users to automatically sync the patterns to the host tempo, or manually in real-time to any other required tempo.

Big Hall, Big Sound
The instruments of both libraries were lined up at three main positions in the big hall of Synchron Stage Vienna (left, center, right). All positions, with one or two instruments each, were played at once and recorded with multiple microphones, including an overhead mic for every stage position and close mics for every instrument. The individual overhead and instrument signals are available separately in the Synchron Player’s mixer, in addition to the Decca tree, surround and high surround mics.