Vienna Symphonic Library release BIG BANG ORCHESTRA Brass Packs


Vienna Symphonic Library release BIG BANG ORCHESTRA Brass Packs

The new libraries are currently available at intro prices of $71 (reg. $104) each, except for BBO: Izar that carries an introductory price of $60 (reg. $93).

Official press release from VSL below!

“Ever since we opened Synchron Stage Vienna, clients from Hollywood and all over the world have been extremely impressed with our brass recordings, saying they were among the best they’d ever heard. Now we’re offering this captivating sound in four powerful brass packs”

Big Bang Orchestra: Hercules includes Low Brass ensemble recordings of four bass trombones, one bass tuba, and one contrabass tuba to beef up the low end of your arrangements. Use extra fortississimo layers for an extremely brassy and striking sound.

With Big Bang Orchestra: Izar we provide Low Brass Clusters that have become a fixture in modern film scores. Add dramatic dissonance for even more tension.

Big Bang Orchestra: Jupiter offers the majestic power of six double French horns with a rich set of articulations and with up to five velocity layers, from mysterious pianissimos to heroic fortissimos.

Big Bang Orchestra: Kopernikus includes an ensemble of four Bb trumpets with stunning performances from velvety pianissimos to the brightest fortissimos. This library delivers the thrilling timbre associated with countless contemporary film scores.

All brass packs include our well-known mixer presets that correspond with all the other modules of our Big Bang Orchestra.

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