Vienna Composer Contest: Winner’s Album Released


To celebrate 20 years of Vienna Symphonic Library, the Austrian music production software and sample library developer staged the Vienna Composer Contest in collaboration with production music label 2nd Foundation Music. The contest started on Feburary 1, 2023, and was held in three rounds. On July 1, the winner Paul Cohen was announced who went on to sign a contract with 2nd Foundation Music and whose music was recorded with a full orchestra at Synchron Stage Vienna.

Watch the live recordings of the winning track “Majestic Kingdom” at Synchron Stage Vienna:

2FM093 Filmic Fantasy” is an album of rich, cinematic orchestral scores with a classic feel. Being the end product of the Vienna Composer Contest it includes six tracks composed by contest winner Paul Cohen. The album features the winning track “Majestic Kingdom” as well as an array of fantasy settings, including a rollicking jig (“Adventure Awaits”), a sweeping love theme (“Fairytale Romance”) and an intense, climactic battle (“Clashing Swords”). All tracks were recorded at Vienna Symphonic Library’s own scoring stage, Synchron Stage Vienna. The Synchron Stage Orchestra was conducted by 2nd Foundation Music’s creative director, Daryl Griffith.

The evocative orchestrations of this album will beautifully accompany fantasy, adventure, documentaries, adverts, and period drama. Underscores are available for all tracks, as well as 60-second, 30-second and sting cutdowns, for convenient editing to picture.

Filmic Fantasy is now available as library music with distributors throughout the world, including APM Music, BAM, BMG, Upright Music and Warner Chappell Production Music.


For more information, please visit Vienna Symphonic Library.