Versilian Studios’ Chamber Orchestra (VSCO) Updated to 2.6


The innovators over at Versilian Studios have another update for VSCO, the Versilian Studios’ Chamber Orchestra. The new 2.6 update  is now live- now Kontakt Player compatible!

If you are not familiar, VSCO 2 is a more-than-complete nice sounding set of orchestral instruments all offered at a at a very low price. Plus the developer continues to advance the library with new features and updates like the new 2.6 update.

See the SLR review of VSCO 2

Update 2.6 brings VSCO 2 Pro to the world of Kontakt Player and your libraries tab, along with 150 new snapshots- powerful instrument presets to find new inspirational sounds!

VSCO 2.6 sells for $229.00 from Versilian Studios

There is also a FREE version of the library.