UVI releases World Suite 2 with intro & upgrade promotions




UVI releases World Suite 2, delivering 48 new instruments, new vocals, presets, loops and more, available now with special intro and upgrade pricing!

World Suite 2 is available now for an intro price of $199 with upgrades available for $59 for existing owners. Intro and upgrade pricing valid through September 6th, 2020 (regularly $299).


Paris, August 26th, 2020UVI releases World Suite 2, a significant update to their world music instrument collection, delivering 369 instruments, 10,000+ loops and phrases, vocals, and more, from every corner of the globe. Version 2 adds 48 new instruments, new Georgian vocals phrases (including male and female voices), and a brand new and exclusive Oriental String Ensemble with dozens of of Arabic, Turkish, and Persian multi-sampled phrases recorded in 12 keys with percussions, and 3 new Traveler instruments.

Browsable by both instrument category and geographic region, World Suite 2 represents a massive undertaking. Comprised of over 65,000 samples, World Suite 2 was designed to provide today’s musicians with the ultimate ethnic instrument collection, delivering an unmatched selection of professionally recorded instruments in an inspiring and easy to use package.

New Instruments in World Suite 2

New instruments:
Africa:- Kalimba
Asia:- Erhu, GuQin
Australia:- Didgeridoo
Eastern Europe:- Chonguri, Contrabass Panduri, Duduk, Panduri, Salamuri, Weltmeister Accordion
India:- Dhol, Shaji Baaja
Middle East Mediterranean:- Electric Saz, Kemence, Kloo Mandolin, Oriental Ensemble, Pku, Qanun, Saz, Tar, Turkish Percussions (5)
Occidental:- Alphorn, Cabinet Organ, Cavaco, Dulcimer, Folk Recorders (5), German Accordion, German Psalter, Gothenburg Organ, Portuguese Fado Guitar, Recorders (5), Triple String Zither, Viola Da Gamba
South America:- Bajo Quinto, Charango, Guitarron, Keyboard Recorder, Mexican Vihuela, Peru Flute, Ronroco, UBass
West Indies:- Garrahand, Handpan Ayasa, Handpan Bells (2), Handpan BPSH, Opsilon, Steel Pan, Ukulele

New Loops and Phrases:
Eastern Europe:- Chonguri, Georgian Male, Georgian Female, Panduri, Georgian Traveler
India:- Dhol
Middle East:- Middle East Strings, Tar, Turkish and Arabic Percussions, Middle Eastern 2 Traveler
Occidental:- Cavaco
South America:- Bajo Quinto, Mexican Vihuela, Ronroco, South-American Traveler

Instruments in World Suite 2 were carefully recorded to preserve their natural sound, using traditional playing styles and the highest-quality recording equipment and processing available. With custom controls based on instrument type, and built-in keyswitches, World Suite 2 helps you achieve complex voice articulations and dynamic performances with ease. In addition to performance controls, World Suite 2 instruments include a standard selection of sound-shaping tools, including velocity envelope, ADSR amplitude envelope, a 3-band EQ with sweepable mid-frequency, and a high-quality IR reverb, allowing you to easily and precisely sculpt your mix.

World Suite 2’s 10,000+ loops and phrases can be drag-and-dropped into your DAW of choice or played with special ‘Traveler’ instruments. Provided by region, World Suite Travelers allow for 6 discrete tracks to be populated with your choice of loops and phrases. Each track comes with a suite of customization options including gain, pan, solo, mute, low-pass and high-pass filters, pitch shifting and Sparkverb. Explore preset configurations, design your own, or find inspiration with the one-touch randomizer. In additional to the regional Travelers, two special Vocal Travelers are included, allowing you to easily layer vocal loops and phrases to create rich emotive textures and ambiances.

World Suite 2 offers native 64-bit standalone operation by way of Falcon or the free UVI Workstation, providing comprehensive support for all modern DAWs and simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

For more information on World Suite 2, visit UVI .