UVI release UVI Rotary speaker emulation effect


UVI Rotary – The Evolution of Tonal Revolution

From UVI
“» Exacting rotary speaker emulation with modern controls
» Independent mic placement for sophisticated tone shaping
» A multitude of uses: keyboard, guitar, vocals, and more…

Taking its name and inspiration from the classic spinning speakers, Rotary represents the modern evolution of this iconic design, delivering both a faithful reproduction of the original cabinets and providing a highly versatile and customizable musical tool for today’s artists and audio professionals.

Sculpt your tone with independent controls over the horn and drum, including level, filters, acceleration and deceleration times and cabinet size, then quickly dial in mic-placement, experimenting with asymmetry to create stereo effects and automation for custom evolving setups.

Rotary brings a classic effect into the modern age with an intuitive interface, deep controls and a versatile tonal palette, making it a unique and powerful tool useful for a multitude of applications.”