UVI release Falcon 3 with Numerous Updates and Special Offers


UVI has released Falcon 3, a significant update to their flagship hybrid instrument.  To mark the occasion, UVI are offering two special promotions: Falcon 3 for only $199 (regular price $349) and get any 2 Falcon Expansion for the price one (regular $39 each).  Falcon 3 is a free update to all existing users and SonicPass subscribers, available immediately through the UVI Portal desktop app.  New Falcon licenses also include a $100 voucher good towards any soundware purchase.

In addition, UVI have released 2 new Falcon expansions; Modular Noise, and Organic Pads. Modular Noise delivers 100 presets created from complex noise samples created on a hardware eurorack system, featuring charactered, hardware-inspired Bass, Arps, Sequences, Drums and more. Organic Pads extends the ‘Organic’ expansion series with 100 presets exploring evolving, sustained sounds in categories including Light, Dark, Mystical, and Nature, each featuring performable XY control over 4 discrete sources (sample, synthesis, noise, and texture).  Falcon 3 is a free update to all existing users and SonicPass subscribers, available immediately through the UVI Portal desktop app.  More details from UVI below.


Falcon 3 gives you everything you need to create the sound of your dreams, delivering an extensive collection of cutting-edge tools in an open-ended semi-modular environment.  Our update features new oscillators including VOSIM, a tribute to vintage vocal synthesis, Bowed String, a bow and string simulator, and Harmonic Resonator, a multi-layer exciter feeding 6 tunable resonators; new effects including Opal, a physically-modeled optical compressor, Ladder, a classic East Coast filter, Dispersor, a unique transient shaper, and Harmonic Resonator, a tunable resonator bank; new performance scripts including Node Arp, Motion Grid, and Snowflakes; new workflow features including Workspaces, allowing you to effortlessly move between customized UI arrangements, MIDI Out, enabling control over external software and hardware instruments and effects with Falcon’s rich library of scripts and sequencers, improved MPE support, Program Templates, helping users jump-start the creative process with numerous starting points, a new Startup Screen that helps you quickly launch recent projects and program templates, and a completely refactored factory library of 1500+ presets with improved macros and all-new UIs.

A powerful instrument for seasoned pros and beginners alike, Falcon 3 can be easily adapted to serve many needs. Whether you’re looking for inspiring sounds for a new song, or are deep-diving into creative sound design, Falcon 3 can be as nimble or calculating as the task requires.


For more information, please visit UVI.