UVI introduces Glass Orchestra


UVI has released Glass Orchestra.  This collection of glass instruments is available at an introductory price of €129 (regular price €199) until February 5th, 2024.  It requires a free iLok account and runs in UVI Workstation version 3.1.11+, and Falcon version 3.0.0+.  More details from UVI below.


Ethereal, supernatural, incomparable – Jean-Claude Chapuis’ lifelong passion for glass instruments has resulted in a completely unique ensemble; the Glass Orchestra at the prestigious Philharmonie de Paris. Comprised of 14 instruments, the Glass Orchestra is a vivid, one-of-a-kind excursion off the well-trodden path of convention, into an obscure otherworld of shimmery tonal percussion and haunting resonant timbres, ripe for creative exploration.

The instruments of Glass Orchestra are as deep and varied as they are distinct, each expertly and extensively sampled, exploring numerous playing styles from traditional to experimental.

Discover an incredible range of new sounds, from delicate to thunderous, angelic to atonal – Glass Orchestra is pure sonic adventure, rich with inspiration for musicians, producers, and sound designers of any background.

Glass Orchestra features a large selection of factory presets, hand-crafted by the sound design team at UVI. From the pure sounds of the natural acoustic instruments, to more exotic and experimental interpretations, there are dozens of configurations available for exploration, ready to use in your productions, or as starting points for your own sound design.


Please visit UVI for more information.