UVI Announce 60% OFF EGP ‘Prepared Electric Grand Piano Sale



UVI has announced a 60% OFF EGP ‘Prepared Electric Grand Piano Sale. Touted as “the most comprehensive hybrid electric grand ever produced” UVI‘s EGP contains 5 mic positions with electric, L/R and M/S signals and 10 prepared piano styles including stick, bow, ebow, brush and more.

Grab one of the most unique Electric Pianos out there now for $59 (reg $149) from UVI.

For the library UVI started with the Yamaha CP-70.


“The CP-70 was introduced in the mid 70’s, seeing a positive reception and popularity for over a decade until it, along with its siblings the CP-60 and CP-80, were discontinued shortly after the advent of digital pianos. Most famously used by Peter Gabriel, the CP-70 was a favorite of many pop and prog rock icons including Stevie Wonder, Keith Emerson, Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, Boston, Journey, Asia and Genesis.”

What makes this library stand out are the 10 unique prepared electric piano articulations!

“EGP includes classic, brush, bow, ebow, fingers, pick, stick and more. Each preparation was approached with the utmost attention to detail, capturing round robins, release samples, sympathetic resonance and pedal noise allowing for a truly expressive playing experience. Load the Pick preparation, turn on Wheel Strum and play a grand piano like a guitar, or try the Bow preparation with a bit of Sparkverb™—the possibilities are staggering”

The 60% OFF EGP ‘Prepared Electric Grand Piano deal is only available until June 14th, 2018 from UVI.