Up to 74% off Sonokinetic Libraries by Native Instruments


Native Instruments announced a big sale with up to 74% off boutique instruments from Sonokinetic.  Until June 1st, you can get 74% off the Boutique Collection 2 bundle and purchase it for $399 (regular price $1599).  You can also save 50% on individual instruments as well as save 33% on Sonokinetic’s two latest releases, Orchestral Strings and Sordino Strings.  More details from Sonokinetic below. 

Packed with personality, Sonokinetic’s phrase-based instruments provide composers with a versatile and refined palette to evoke any mood.  Expand your composing toolbox with the Sonokinetic Boutique Collection 2, an exclusive bundle of six expressive instruments. This includes Indie, Largo, Sotto, Noir, Minimal, and Sordino Strings. Get 50% off 21 individual instruments, and an exclusive introductory offer of 33% off Orchestral Strings and Sordino Strings, the latest additions to the Sonokinetic family. 

Pick and choose your compositional flavor, with huge savings on world-class scoring tools.  Expressive, elegant, and detailed, Sonokinetic sounds help sculpt sentimental soundtracks, action-packed blockbuster moments, eerie horror soundscapes, and everything in between. 

For more information, please visit Native Instruments