Up to 50% off Big Bang Orchestra Packs by VSL


Vienna Symphonic Library launched a special sale featuring up to 50% off  ALL Big Bang Orchestra Packs.  Save big on favorites like Andromeda, Jupiter, Lyra, Solaris, and many, many more from now until February 29th, 2024.  More details from VSL below.


Expand your creative universe!  We’ve recorded our entire Synchron Stage Orchestra (and certain sections, as well as choir) playing together – all at once, with multiple microphones. Capturing the sheer power of a massive orchestra with the signature acoustics of Synchron Stage Vienna’s Stage A was one of the most riveting sampling experiences we’ve ever had.

Create large orchestrations in no time. Beef up your existing tracks by adding some massive tutti layers. Inject some inspiration into your composing process just by pressing a few notes and letting the huge sound work its magic.

Hear for yourself how all the musicians of the large Synchron Stage Orchestra played together with exhilarating intensity, recorded with multiple microphones in one of the best-sounding scoring stages on the planet. It’s the very sound that for many years has lured clients from Hollywood and all over the world to Synchron Stage Vienna over and over again.


For more information, please visit Vienna Symphonic Library.