Up to 45% off Unique Sample Libraries Sale by Impact Soundworks


The folks over at Impact Soundworks launched a special sale featuring up to 45% off their unique sample libraries.  Save big on one-of-a-kind libraries like Hammer Klavier, Shoud Drum, Modern Harpejji, Momentum and Resonance.  The sale will run until August 7th, 2023.  More details fro Impact Soundworks below. 

When we first started Impact Soundworks in 2008, we wanted to create sample libraries for instruments that we couldn’t find anywhere else. Even the electric guitars we’ve become known for had never been sampled in so much depth before we dove in!  July 31 is Uncommon Instrument Awareness Day, and naturally we’re excited to take this opportunity to showcase some of our favorite less-common sounds in our catalog.

The sale includes these libraries:

Hammer Klavier – $45 (regular price $69) – An avant-garde piano with a twist: its felt hammers were replaced by real metal hammers. Featuring a unique percussive voice and the dynamic responsiveness of a regular piano!

Shoud Drum – $29 (regular price $49) – A beautiful tuned drum handcrafted from tempered steel and performed with a variety of articulations and mallets. Perfect for atmospheric music, film & game scoring, evolving textures, and ambient moods.

Modern Harpejji – $59 (regular price $79) – A unique instrument combining elements of a keyboard with bass & guitar, able to deliver virtuosic leads (with vibrato and pitch bends), walking basslines, and rich chords — at the same time!

Momentum: Acoustic Rhythmic Loops – $69 (regular price $129) – A treasure trove of 2,500+ sounds sampled from unexpected sources that are all-acoustic, from hammered guitars to found metal objects to rare hand percussion and more.

Resonance: Emotional Mallets –  $49 (regular price $79) – Evocative, custom-made stone, metal, wood and glass instruments that range in timbre from warm and beautiful to haunting, spine-tingling, mournful and everything in between.

Please visit Impact Soundworks for more information.