Up to 40% off Percussion Festival Sale by Vienna Symphonic Library


Vienna Symphonic Library announced a Percussion Festival Sale featuring major discount of up to 40% off for all drum and percussion instruments based on the Vienna Synchron Player.  Save big on classics like Synchron Percussion, Vienna Smart Hits, Big Bang Orchestra Packs, and more.  This special sale will run from today until October 30th, 2023.  More details from VSL below.


We are offering all drum and percussion instruments based on the Vienna Synchron Player at major discounts!  Go BIG with our Synchron Percussion I – III, bringing extremely detailed percussion recordings from Synchron Stage Vienna to your studio. Big Bang Orchestra Packs (Dorado, Eridanus, Fornax, Phoenix, Quasar) offer big, fat percussion sounds that are an essential part of a large sounding orchestra, lending epic size, power and drive to any track.

The instruments of the SYNCHRON-ized Percussion Collection are grouped in six separately available Percussion Packs with a vast array of instruments for more variety, recorded at the rather dry and compact Silent Stage. All signals can therefore be placed in any acoustic environment and on any position in a room, from dry closets to studios and large halls.

The water, metal, stone and glass instruments of our SYNCHRON-ized Elements Collection have long been a trade secret for composers and sound designers, capturing their imagination with its archaic sounds that range from ethereal shimmers to thunderous strikes.

Vienna Smart Hits is a breathtaking exploration into the organic, yet surreal and swirling amalgamation of hits, “braahms”, risers, swells and sub booms.


For more information, please visit Vienna Symphonic Library.