UJAM releases Finisher BOOST


UJAM has launched the next plugin in their Finisher series: BOOST.  For a limited time, this transition tool is available for $69.30 (regular price $99).  If you own any of the other Finisher plugins (excluding Micro Finisher), you qualify for a loyalty discount and can purchase BOOST for $49.50.  AU2, VST2, VST3 and AAX plugin formats are supported and the UJAM plugin player is required.  More details from UJAM below.

If your transitions are lifeless (or nonexistent), turning to your ’Risers’ folder and smacking on some samples is a surefire way to sound generic… but with BOOST, you can turn any audio track or buss into a new transition that meshes perfectly with the mix.

Bland choruses all suffer from the same ailment: there’s no drama. BOOST adds a natural ebb and flow to any track with a complex combination of effect modules and processing techniques you can subtly drop in within seconds.

Sync to your DAW’s grid and choose phrase lengths of 2, 4 or 8 measures, choose which beat hits max intensity and let it run; everything else is done for you. For total control, go manual and freely automate the Finisher knob position in your DAW.

BOOST features 50 modes with more than 200 presets, so you’ll never run out of ideas. The 50 modes are divided into Track, Instrument, Drums & Vocals categories to speed up your workflow. Pair BOOST with Usynth Euphoria and Beatmaker HYPE for huge anthems and festival bangers.


Create perfectly synced swells, downlifters, impacts and more in moments without diving under the hood — BOOST tracks the playhead position of your DAW so that no matter where you start from, the effect will always hit the same bars at the same time.

For more information, please visit UJAM.