UJAM introduces Beatmaker: COZY


UJAM has announced the next installment in their Beatmaker series: COZY.  This lofi hip hop beatmaker is available at the introductory offer of $49 (regular price $69).  Owners of any Beatmaker plug-in can purchase COZY for $29 as a loyalty offer.  More details from UJAM below.

COZY’s grooves have that perfect lazy feel that comes from hitting the snare just a little late. Combined with drum sounds that have just the right amount of tape warmth and dusty vinyl crackle, this Beatmaker will have you vibing in an instant.

We couldn’t bring ourselves to sacrifice even the tiniest bit of sound quality for this Beatmaker. We used the best drum samples out there and roughed up the fidelity afterward, to make sure COZY delivers beats that don’t skimp on integrity.

Hear how COZY creates the chillest grooves!


Whether it’s to get focused on your work, or to relax after a long day, COZY’s comforting sound will get you and your listeners in the right headspace in a matter of clicks. 

For more information, please visit UJAM.