Triple Spiral Audio and Subsonic Artz releases Whispers in the Wind for Repro 1 + 5


Whispers in the Wind is a new sound set created by Subsonic Artz and Triple Spiral Audio for the soft synths Repro 1 and 5 by u-he.

“Join us in an adventure taking you through mystique sound landscapes filled with sounds inspired by our beautiful planet and all it’s stunning nature and creatures on it, but also we found inspiration in the music by Daft Punk, Hans Zimmer, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd and many more.”
_Triple Spiral Audio

Whispers in the Wind contains 176 patches: 88 for Repro 1 and 88 for Repro 5.

The introduction price is €29.95 and lasts till the end of August as it is a summer release. The full price after the introduction period is €34.95.

VAT is included and may vary a little bit per European country. Non-EU countries will see a price without VAT.

For more information visit the Whispers in the Wind page at Triple Spiral Audio