Triple Spiral Audio and Subsonic Artz present: Beyond the Illusion for DIVA (NKS ready)


Triple Spiral Audio and SubsonicArtz are very pleased to present you our new soundset Beyond the Illusion for U-he’s DIVA

The introduction price is €19.95 till the 5th of February. Regular price is €24.95[ (AT is included)

Beyond the Illusion contains 128 patches and a few bonus patches. There are 3 folders – 1 with 64 patches from SubsonicArtz, 1 with 64 from Triple Spiral Audio and 1 folder with a few bonus patches. The soundset is filled with soft, sad and melancholic sounds to see the beauty beyond the darkness. We have found our inspiration to create this soundset from the life around us. We wanted to create sounds with a soft, mysterious and mystique character that contains a deep emotional value.

The patches are divided as following:

21 AR (arpeggiated)
6 BS (basses)
5 FX (effects)
7 KY (keys)
6 LD (leads)
36 Pad (pads)
12 Pulse (pulses)
25 SC (soundscapes)
8 SY (synths)

All the patches have some sort of modulation control via the modwheel and/or aftertouch and the soundset is NKS ready. Diva 1.4.3 is recommended

All details on the soundset here: Triple Spiral Audio