Trailer: Arpeggio Harp from Sonokinetic


Last week I was in a serious crunch on a score for high-fashion designer Manolo Blahnik. I needed a great harp and didn’t have time to hire out a player. I rarely use harp so I hadn’t invested in a great sample library. I purchased Sonokinetic’s Arpeggio and I couldn’t be happier with it!

I know there are loads of choices out there. Love to hear which harp libraries are working for your music.


From Sonokinetic
“This instrument speaks to your imagination like no other. The beauty of the tone character is reflected in each composition. It’s enchanting, mysterious and mystical. Each time the concert Harp plays it brings orchestras, musical phrases and harmonic transitions to a creative peak.

The large concert harp is one of our most favourite instruments, and we had this project on the top of our wish list. So be assured we put in our best effort to capture this instrument in a sample library at the highest possible quality, as you have grown to expect from Sonokinetic.
The concert harp is a large and modern classical instrument, designed for classical (symphonic) music or played solo, as part of smaller chamber ensembles, and in cinematic orchestras.”