Top 10 Christmas Holiday Sales Picks


Hum Drum from Modwheel

I’m a Big fan of all things Modwheel. They have some magic recipe in their sampling that makes playback seem immediate and live in the room with you. Hum Drum is my one of my favorite percussion to use for something a little different and unique although I do recommend all the Creative Difference series instruments.

SALE: 30% off any Library in the entire MODWHEEL catalogue.



EVERYTHING from Frozen Plain

I did a review of Arctic Strings last month and was pretty blown away by the capabilities of the instrument AND the Frozen Plain Effects Engine v2.0! I have been prepping to review a couple more of their instruments and I recommend just getting everything they have – for only $136 USD you can’t go wrong.

SALE: Frozen Plain 30% Off Everything (included on everything bundle on sale for $136.00




iZotope Creative Bundle at 50% Off

I mentioned this one on the black friday sales picks post but I have demoed all of these tools and find them to really take my composition to a very unique level. Check out the video I made to showcase using Iris 2 to create completely original soundscapes from sampling birds in the wild.
SALE: Get Iris 2, Breaktweeker, Stutter Edit and Trash 2 for 50% Off




Apollo Cinematic Guitars from Vir2 Instruments

To say I am a fan of Apollo Cinematic Guitars is an understatement. Apollo has deep rich and full sounds  and hundreds of useful kontakt presets & effects. Apollo has my guitar amp collecting dust in the corner since I can easily get pro guitar textures with all my midi paramaters programmed in and easy to edit (when the director send a new edit over!) See my review here if you want to read more about it.

SALE: Apollo from Vir2 Instruments at 35% Off or $100 off from Big Fish Audio

ALL AudioThing 20% off sale

I am a huge AudioThing fan. I love how the instruments have a unique sound and now that they are developing plugins I really like the approach. In my first look review of Vinyl Strip (below) I saw the power of adding that “vintage sound” and with my review of Fog Convolver I found the plugin opened up an entirely new way to use IR as an effect engine.

SALE:  at the AudioThing website and at Plugin Boutique


Imogen Heap Box of Tricks & The Hammersmith from Soniccouture

My most popular review of the year was the First Look Video I did for Imogen Heap’s Box Of Tricks. It is truly an inspiring and creative tool. Don’t tell anyone, but I also just finished a review of The Hammersmith, it hasn’t been edited yet, but it is a beautiful piano library with “true sustain” samples (separate samples with the sus pedal up). Piano’s are very personal, but for my money I LOVE The Hammersmith’s deep and dark grand tone.

Soniccouture Winter Sale Buy One Get One Free or 35% Off – Choose your Discount
(BOGOF – discount applied at checkout, cheapest item is free, no purchase limit.)
35% Off All Products Enter Code: YUUAUU35 at checkout



ToonTracks EZDrummer Expansions

If you use EZDRummer 2 then you know the power of loading up an EZX Epansion. With new drum sets in many styles including midi performances it is simple to edit and craft your own grooves – go as deep as you need to or keep it “EZ” – thats why EZDrummer 2 loads in all my templates from orchestral to rock to pop.

SALE:   50% OFF EZX Expansions for EZDRummer 2


Stutter Edit from iZotope

Stutter Edit isn’t for everyone, but if your looking to manipulate beats you can’t go wrong. I used it to create something “re-mixy” to mangled and I wouldn’t have been able to craft and remix my own music to fit this advert I worked on without Stutter Edit.

SALE: iZotope Stutter Edit at 66% Off


Impact Soundworks Orchestral Bundle only $399 ( reg $658 )

For only $399 this is a great buy. The bundle comes with Bravura Scoring Brass, Pearl Grand Piano & Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion.
I love the Brass and the Orchestral Percussion (used both on the demo below) but have not used the Piano although the demos sound fantastic. If you haven’t checked out my first look of the Bravura Brass check it out now and see if it’s right for you.

SALE: Impact Soundworks up to 50% Off sale going on now



Vintage Rhythm Section from Funk Soul Productions

If you saw my review of Vintage Rhythm Section you know I loved it. Funk/Soul took the time to get vintage equipment to sample all the actual sounds of the 60’s and 70’s and I am finding this library very useful.
SALE: Now only $ 129.95  (Reg. $ 199.95 ) from Big Fish Audio