Toontrack release EZbass


Toontrack release EZbass – The world’s most streamlined bass production tool for songwriters

Toontrack has added the latest member to its hugely successful EZ Lineup – introducing EZbass!

Toontrack EZbass is the first bass virtual instrument of its kind with a pristine sound and fundamental features for effortlessly adding bass guitar to your songs. Designed with the same ease of use as its EZ Line siblings – EZdrummer, EZkeys and EZmix – it lends unlimited creativity in terms of arranging, composing, changing and rearranging bass parts to fit your songs. In essence, EZbass gives you a bass player at your beck and call – 24/7.

In addition to its wealth of songwriting features, EZbass also includes two fundamentally different bass sound libraries – Modern (an Alembic* bass) and Vintage (a classic Fender* Jazz bass).

Both have been captured with an exceptional level of detail along with the most all-encompassing set of articulations you need to produce stunningly real performances for anything from subtle jazz to extreme metal.

Put simply, adding bass to your songs has never been easier…

Simply click the ‘Add Groove’ button to get a basic rhythm going, set the chords for your song and start crafting your performance in the ‘Grid Editor’ or find a playing style in the included MIDI to apply to your chord progression.

Tap in the rhythm you want your bass to play using the ’Tap2Find’ feature and then have EZbass list all matching variations from its included MIDI library.

Or take advantage of the matchless playability of EZbass and perform the bassline yourself using a MIDI controller.

Use the drum or keyboard MIDI in your song to have EZbass automatically create a matching bassline.

Use a previously recorded guitar, bass or rhythm performance and then have EZbass convert the audio to MIDI with its built-in ‘Audio Tracker’ feature.

and so much more – all without leaving the software!

Toontrack EZbass is available to buy now from UK distributor Time+Space with an SRP of £129 / €149 / $149

For full details, audio demos and videos visit: Time+Space