The Very Loud Indeed Co. releases OUTLAND: Dark Scoring Drones


The Very Loud Indeed Co. introduced a new release called Outland: Dark Scoring Drones.  For a limited time, save 41% and purchase this ambient library for just $29 (regular price $49).  The full version of Kontakt 6.8 or higher is required.  More details from The Very Loud Indeed Co. below.


OUTLAND is a library of 100 character-filled cinematic drones for the full version of Kontakt 6.8. This collection is particularly suited for crime drama, horror and tension scoring, but it also lends itself quite well for action projects.


• 100 sound files at 24 bit / 48 kHz resolution in a compact 865 MB footprint
• Highly dynamic and expressive loops, easily controllable via velocity and aftertouch
• Clean GUI with waveform display and controls for filters, EQ and FX
• All WAV files are included, so you can use them in your DAW or other samplers

All the drones in OUTLAND are highly responsive to MIDI velocity and aftertouch, making them incredibly expressive and versatile. And using the envelope, filters, EQ and FX controls, they can be reshaped into anything, from percussive pulses to ethereal pads to organic leads. This makes it possible for an entire project to be score using only this library.


Please visit The Very Loud Indeed Co. for more information.