The Very Loud Indeed Co. release MOBILIS Ultimate: Hybrid Scoring Percussion for Kontakt 7 Player


The Very Loud Indeed Co. have released MOBILIS Ultimate: Hybrid Scoring Percussion.  For a limited time, you can save 39% and purchase this library at the introductory price of $139 (regular price $229).  It runs in the free Kontakt 7 Player and the full version of Kontakt 7.7.2.  If you have purchased one or more MOBILIS legacy products and would like to upgrade to MOBILIS ULTIMATE, please contact The Very Loud Indeed Co..  More details below.


MOBILIS ULTIMATE is a Kontakt instrument envisioned with speed and power in mind. This instrument is about having a large number of simple but carefully crafted percussion loops and single hits.

MOBILIS Ultimate has been specifically designed to be stackable for maximum versatility and can be accessed instantly without interrupting your creative workflow.  It’s been made extremely dynamic to adapt to almost any type of cinematic composition.


For more information, please visit The Very Loud Indeed Co..