UPDATED Sale: Summer Group Buy at Orange Tree Samples now at 50% OFF everything @OTSamples


Orange Tree Samples is kicking off the Summer with their biggest sales ever. A massive group buy with that is currently at 50% off everything they make.

The Group buy was originally tiered with levels tied to discounts with the top tier being 50% Off with 250 buyers. That number was met within the first 2 days of the sale so now anyone else has the option to get any of the Orange Tree Libraries for 50%.

During the sale, Orange Tree will have contests, giveaways, and release special freebies as discount tiers are reached.

The group buy lasts until July 11th, after which you can complete your group buy purchase and add the sample libraries to your collection.

Not sure where to start? Check out the SLR Reviews of Orange Tree  Evolution Strawberry and Evolution Modern Nylon.

My advice? You are going to want to get a new harddrive to hold all your new OT Libs!
UPDATE 6.21.16
In addition Orange Tree just announced a contest and an EVEN BIGGER DISCOUNT TIER!

“In appreciation for your support, we’ve created additional discount tiers, 55% and 60% OFF. We’ve never had a discount of this magnitude in the entire history of Orange Tree Samples!”

The Orange Tree Samples Summer Song Contest

1st Place:
New Evolution electric guitar library (prior to its release!)

2nd Place:
500 Orange Slices (worth 50% OFF)

3rd Place:
250 Orange Slices (worth 25% OFF)

The rules are simple: write a short song (2-3 minutes long) in any style of music and make it the most cliched version of that genre possible, highlighting at least one Orange Tree Samples library. For example, your piece could be the sleaziest 70’s funk tune, cheesiest dream pop hit, or heaviest metal song. The Orange Tree Samples library/libraries you choose to highlight may include any of the free libraries we’ve released as well.


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