String Theories release Total Downers for Kontakt just €9!


String Theories has released a new sample library for KontaktTotal Downers”.

The instrument comes with 250MB of sound design downers created by Alex Pfeffer and includes all samples as WAV files as well.

“Tonal Downers is a tool library offering you a variety of the typical downer sound which can be heard in trailers.”

The library is available for just €9.00 from String Theories

The library contains:
– Tonal Downers – 2 Bars of length

– Tonal Downers – 1 Bar of length

– Tonal Downers – 2 Bars chopped in 8th, 16th and 16th triplets

– Tonal Downers – 1 Bar chopped in 8th, 16th and 16th triplets

– Johannes – 10 additional typical low brass-ish trailer sounds everyone is annoyed of! 😉

– library size: 250 MB
– full access to the .wav files
– to run the Kontakt programs you need Kontakt 5.8.1

For all details visit the official Total Downers page at String Theories



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