Spitfire Audio’s Oliver composing with Albion IV Uist (currently 30% OFF)


Spitfire Audio has announced 30% OFF Albion IV Uist until the end of August 2019 as their monthly highlight.

In the video, Oliver shows us how he composes a thriller using Albion IV Uist, inspired by Thom Yorke’s ‘Suspiria’ and Jóhann Jóhannsson’s ‘Sicario’ scores.



Powered by our bespoke eDNA synth engine, Albion IV Uist is made up of Albion’s large cinematic orchestral ensembles, this time playing a staggering 800 unique and extraordinary atonal, aleatoric articulations orchestrated by Ben Foskett, presented alongside an epic collection of 200 warped orchestral hybrids and textures, particularly suited to thrillers. Recorded at The Hall at AIR Studios — home to the recordings of the world’s biggest blockbuster film scores —this is the most progressive chapter in our bestselling Albion range: an orchestral series that gives you everything you need to make modern film music.

For all details visit the official 30% OFF Albion IV Uist page at Spitfire Audio


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