Spitfire Audio Update Hans Zimmer Strings to V1.04


Emails went out this AM with updates for owners of Spitfire Audio‘s Hans Zimmer Strings.

The message included details of updates to the new V1.04 version of the library as:

  • Parameter values in the DAW now more closely reflect the values in the UI (for example as percentages, dB, panning position, rather than 0-1)
  • Fix glitches in legato intervals caused by non-gain envelopes recycling voices
  • Fix level mismatch in 60 Violins Legato Minor 2nd intervals caused by an error in the Dynamics control modulation

The developer also noted that continued work is being done on the library to address a couple other performance aspects stating:

“Further improvements to the legato performance are expected in a future update. Improvements to the performance on Windows 10 are expected in a future update”

For more details visit the official  Hans Zimmer Strings page.