Spitfire Audio update Spitfire Solo Strings with Violin Virtuoso Total Performance


This is very exciting news. Spitfire Audio has updated Spitfire Solo Strings with a Violin Virtuoso Total Performance patch. FREE update for existing owners of the library


“Performed by world-renowned virtuoso concert violinist Jack Liebeck, this performance patch is our most advanced and powerful to date. It contains all the techniques you need to create a realistic solo performance — five different types of true legato: Portamento Legato, Fingered Legato, Bowed Legato, Runs and Arpeggios, it also features: spiccato, staccato, tremolo, molto vibrato, progressive vibrato and non vibrato — all combined together to enable musical phrasing without the need for key-switching, and programmed to react to playing speed and touch.”
Spitfire Audio

Owners of the Spitfire Solo Strings can log into the Spitfire Audio App and see the update is ready for download.