Spitfire Audio releases Originals Wurli


Spitfire Audio has released Originals: Wurli, a vintage keys library that’s classic, familiar and reimagined.  It’s available now for just $29. Spitfire‘s dedicated plugin player is required.  More details from Spitfire Audio below. 

Originals Wurli is the definitive rendition of the legendary vintage keyboard. Presented with four separate presets — Classic, Funky, Mellow and Stabs — Wurli allows you to adjust Attack and Release controls to create pads and unique tones, and, in the classic keyboard section of the library, Tremolo Rate and Depth controls offer the ability to curate the perfect sound for your compositions.

Not only a pillar of RnB classics from Ray Charles to Donny Hathaway, this instrument found its way onto countless hits of the 70s and 80s with Elton John, Richard Carpenter, Edward Van Halen, and famously on Supertramp’s Dreamer. Explore the classic sound reimagined.  Check out Originals Wurli now!

For more information, please visit Spitfire Audio