Spitfire Audio releases Appassionata Strings


Spitfire Audio announced their new release,  Appasionata Strings.  Until February 10th, you can purchase this legato strings library for $179 (regular price $249).  Requires Sptifire’s dedicated plugin player. 

Owners of Spitfire Symphonic Strings, Spitfire Chamber Strings, Spitfire Symphonic Strings Evolutions & Symphonic Motions will receive 35% off the regular price and can purchase Appasionata Strings for $159.  More details from Spitfire Audio below. 

Spitfire Appassionata Strings is made to create melody lines that deliver unrivaled passion, emotion and intensity. These beautiful long and flowing notes – performed by some of London’s finest musicians at Lyndhurst Hall in AIR Studios – beautifully complement AIR libraries such as Spitfire Symphonic Strings and Spitfire Chamber Strings, as well as other libraries. Inspiration will come in moments, as these legatos require minimal tweaking and offer instant gratification right from the keys.

Referencing the aesthetic of classic melodies from the scores of composers like John Williams and Thomas Newman, this medium-sized string band (8,6,6,6,4) delivers a highly desirable and much sought after style of performance that is now yours for the taking — we believe this is simply the best sounding and most alive, passionate string legato sound captured thus far. Appassionata will allow you to compose with intention, emotion, inspiration and of course passion.

Delve in deeper with a wide variety of legato types available in great detail. The main “combi” patch features a combination of slurred, bowed and intense Sul I intervals (Sul I only available in ​​V1, V2 and Celli) with repetition based alt-attacks. These techniques offer five dynamic layers delivering incredibly smooth and expressive performances, four round robin attacks, vibrato, and velocity-controlled switching between legato types. This library is both easy to use and highly playable. Simply put, Appassionata lets the composer focus on the pure joy of creating beautifully passionate and realistic melodies.

Architecturally unique, the acoustic properties of Lyndhurst Hall’s interior are renowned globally, loved by composers and musicians alike. There is a gentle reverberation in the room that adds a beauty to anything played there. The sound produced by a soloist, chamber ensemble or indeed a full symphonic orchestra expands and blooms inside the space, a truly versatile palette giving access to a range of textures from delicate and intimate to thunderous and epic.

For more information, please visit Spitfire Audio.