Spitfire Audio release Orin!nals Cinematic Soft Piano


Spitfire Audio has released Orin!nals Cinematic Soft Piano by Spitfire Audio with price set at $29

The world’s most popular piano plug-in, reborn
The same model used to create LABS Soft Piano — a felted upright Yamaha U3
Re-recorded in the reverberant acoustics of AIR Studios, home of blockbuster scores
Now sampled in more detail, with multiple microphone positions, round robins and dynamic layers
Three signals: Close, Mix (by Jake Jackson) & Pad
Five presets: Intimate, Upfront, 50 50, Afterglow, Washed Out. From close and intimate to reverberant and enveloping, with synth textures
Six controls: Expression, Dynamics, Reverb, Tightness, Pedal & Hammers
Available in our free and easy-to-use dedicated plug-in (NKS compatible)
~2 GB

For all details on Orin!nals Cinematic Soft Piano visit the official Spitfire Audio page