Spitfire Audio release new “SPITFIRE SYMPHONIC MOTIONS”


Spitfire Audio has released “Spitfire Symphonic Motions”

The library looks to be made of moving string performances captured at air studios.

This dynamic new addition to the Spitfire Symphonic Range is an inspiring tool created by composers, for composers, offering the flexibility to design expressive shorts and intricate rhythmic patterns with ease, enhancing the realism of your scores and bringing them to life.

Spitfire Symphonic Motions features London’s finest string players performing a range of rebowing movements, rhythms and playing techniques. Experience the same high-end quality as the rest of our celebrated Symphonic libraries, expertly recorded in The Hall at AIR Studios.

These performances are presented in an easy-to-use grid interface inside our award-winning dedicated plug-in, for instant access to almost infinite combinations of tempo-locked rhythms, techniques and realistic rebowing. Quickly express new ideas, or find new, unexpected combinations of notes to inspire your arrangements and compositions, creating tension and momentum.

The new Spitfire Symphonic Motions is available now for the intro price of $199 (reg $249.00) from Spitfire Audio.

For all the details visit the official Spitfire Symphionc Motions page