Spitfire Audio relaunches Spitfire Symphony Orchestra


Spitfire Audio announced the relaunch of Spitfire Symphony Orchestra.  With this relaunch you can now explore the stunning performances of these incredible musicians, in one place with a new UI, a review of all sample content, and all-new legatos created by Andrew Blaney.  It’s now NKS compatible and run in the free Kontakt Player 7.5.2 or higher.  Save 20% now and purchase this collection for $499 (regular price $629) until March 7th, 2024.  Crossgrade options are also available so be sure to login onto Spitfire‘s website and check for that information.  More details from Spitfire Audio below.


Revered by the world’s best composers, Spitfire Symphony Orchestra features a full symphonic string, symphonic brass and symphonic woodwind sections including solo instruments, plus harp, piano and all core elements of percussion needed to complete the band — giving your music the professional sounds that stand out.

Originally captured a decade ago in the state-of-the-art space of Lyndhurst Hall (also known as “The Hall”) in AIR Studios – founded by legendary producer of The Beatles and Oscar-nominated composer, Sir George Martin and known for its exceptional acoustics – and crafted by Spitfire Audio’s team of expert in-house creatives over a period of five years, Spitifre Symphony Orchestra is recognized as the fundamental choice for the professional-tier composer and heralded by a multitude of AAA music makers worldwide.


Please visit Spitfire Audio for more information.