Spitfire Audio introduces MG Soft Acoustic Guitar


In collaboration with Mike Gergiades, Spitfire Audio have released MG Soft Acoustic Guitar.  It’s available now for $149 and requires Spitfire‘s dedicated plugin player.  More details below.


Recorded at Spitfire HQ with a pair of vintage Neumann U87’s, MG Soft Acoustic Guitar brings the soft sweet tone of a Martin J-40 steel string acoustic guitar, featuring various playing modes including a feature-rich chord / strum system and a fully customisable step sequencer plus a MIDI Drag and Drop feature. With deep sampling covering all guitar-related articulations including mutes, harmonics, slides, slurs, vibrato and string/body hits.

Recorded and scripted from the ground-up by composer and virtuoso guitarist Mike Georgiades, this guitar aims to set a new standard for virtual guitar libraries, offering a remarkably authentic sound out of the box, and helping to demystify the workings of the guitar for non-guitarists.

MG Soft Acoustic Guitar is a beautifully recorded, meticulously crafted acoustic guitar with emphasis on the soft and delicate.


For more information, please visit Spitfire Audio.