Soundiron releases Swords to Ploughshares


In collaboration with Ukranian sound designer and video producer, Maks Histibe, Soundiron has released Swords to Ploughshares.  The sounds in this library were created by Histibe in Kyiv, during the invasion of Ukraine in the spring of 2022.  Swords to Ploughshares is available now at intro price for $47 (regular price $59) when you use the code HISTIBE20 at checkout.  It runs in the free Kontakt Player or the full version of Kontakt 6.2 and higher.  This special intro sale will end on November 10th, 2022.  More details from Soundiron below.

Swords to Ploughshares is an experimental virtual instrument that weaves real-world field recordings and expressive sound design together into a unified creative toolbox. The sounds in this library were recorded during the invasion of Ukraine, between February and May of 2022, by Ukrainian sound designer and video producer Histibe.

Swords to Ploughshares includes field recordings made in and around Histibe’s home in Kyiv and during a temporary evacuation in the Carpathian mountains during the heaviest period of shelling near his home. The subject matter includes the everyday sounds of his life and his city, quickly adapting to wartime and often punctuated by blasts and the wail of air raid sirens. It explores the gentle sounds of nature in the mountains made all the more surreal by eerily distorted late-night shortwave radio broadcasts filling the airwaves.


This library offers the artist’s unique vantage point during a transformative place and time in their life and the world around them. His goal is to transmute an act of oppression into a tool for expression. It is not meant to be a definitive, unbiased, unvarnished or complete representation of the artist’s entire experience or those around him. It is intended as a work of constructive and reusable sonic art. It is a dim and hazy window into another human’s personal experience, crafted with the simple hope that it serves and inspires your own creative process.

Soundiron receives no money from the sale of this product. Maks is an outstanding multimedia artist, colleague and friend and we support his creative efforts. 

For more information, please visit Soundiron.