Soundiron releases Sick Ultimate


Soundiron has released Sick Ultimate.  For a limited time, this collection of Sick 1-7 libraries is available for $159 (regular price $199).  Existing owners of any Sick library can use the code SICK8-5B2CR8C9GBHT to save an additional $120 off the intro price of Sick Ultimate.  The full version of Kontakt 6.2.2 or later is required.  More details from Soundiron below.


Dive deep into the world’s most horrifying soundscapes with Sick Ultimate – the final pinnacle of our revered horror series. This compendium includes Sick 1-7 as well as fresh blood in the form of “Sick 8: Nightmare Asylum”, an exclusive new volume of over 1000 gnarly gore and splatter film sound effects, including blood splashes and drips, bone crunches, exam glove snaps, restraint strap bindings, and raw flesh rips.

From the whispers of the undead to the mind-erasing screams of unholy spectral entities, if you’re looking for the top of the line in general unpleasantness, this 22GB high-fidelity toolbox is the last one for you! Dare to unleash the echoes of the abyss with Sick Ultimate.


For more information, please visit Soundiron.