Soundiron releases Alpha Organ v.2 for Kontakt 6 Player


Soundiron announced the release of Alpha Organ v.2.  For a limited time, this updated version is available at the introductory price of $69 (regular price $99).  It’s NKS compatible and runs int the free Kontakt 6 Player and the full version of Kontakt 6.2.2 or later.  More details below.

Alpha Organ v.2 is a beautifully sampled pair of pipe organs recorded at St. Paul’s Church in SF. They offer lush sound, powerful bass, a huge variety of organ presets, sound design, mic positions, tonal options, custom FX and very intuitive and flexible GUI control features.

Each organ offers a distinct contrast to the other and when the two are played simultaneously in unison, the sound is glorious. We’ve captured both instruments individually and together in unison, with multiple microphone types and positions to offer you a variety of aesthetic options.

The unison organ microphone options even include a stereo pair of hydrophones that we submerged in crystal vases, spaced 50 feet apart at the mid-hall position where the soundwaves from the two pipe arrays collide. This unique perspective produces a richly resonant and otherworldly tonal quality that is difficult to describe.

The “lower” organ, built by Kilgen Church Organ Company of Saint Louis, MO, was originally water-powered, but has since been converted to an electric blower-driven system. The console is in the south isle near the side entrance and its pipes are hidden behind the altar with the blower and machinery under the floor of the Apse, allowing the lowest pedal notes to resonate through the floor, seeming to shake the very foundation.

From the sweet and silky tones of the “Alpha” Organ to the thunderous might of the “Omega” Organ, this library transports you to a realm of sonic grandeur. Explore a vast range of meticulously recorded microphone positions, including the ethereal hydrophone perspectives, which capture the collision of soundwaves in crystal vases. With an extensive selection of sound designed ambiences, leads, pads, drones, and custom effects, Alpha Organ v.2 ventures into the realms of psycho-acoustics and metaphysical aesthetics. 

For more information, please visit Soundiron