Soundiron releases a new upgrade to Elvish Choir for $4 intro promo


Soundiron releases a new upgrade to Elvish Choir. The library is on a special intro price of $4 (Reg. $7)

This library is exactly what it sounds like: A pack of rowdy elven folk singing as an ensemble, with sustains, staccatos in multiple dynamics over a wide range. It’s perfect for holiday, comedy and parody music and those searching for fresh and weird source material for sound-design and experimentation.

For this 2.0 upgrade, we recorded Solo Doo and La articulations, as well as public domain Christmas song phrases from Deck The Halls and Jingle Bells. We also created brand new ambiences from the source content. Elvish Choir is completely remastered with a fresh multi-layer user interface, and 20 custom FX presets designed for instant inspiration. It’s built for the full retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later.

You can purchase Elvish Choir on sale now for only $4 (MSRP $7.00) Sale Ends Jan 1st.

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