Soundiron release Iron Throne 2.0 with intro price $19


“Iron Throne 2.0 is a very eerie and dark collection of metallic percussion and semi-melodic effects, ideal for use in horror and suspense scoring, sound-design, trailer fx and post-production.”

“We used viola bows on the throne edges to create sinister melodic and dissonant tones. Including long sustains, gliss effects, staccato, spiccato and tremolo sustains. This library also includes a set of metal percussion with wooden, felt and metallic strikes.”

For Iron Throne 2.0, Soundiron created brand new ambiences, drones and atmospheric pads from the raw recordings. This library also includes 20 new custom sound-designed fx presets to give you instant inspiration for your next film/video game score, soundtrack or music composition. It’s built for the full retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later.

You can purchase Iron Throne on sale now for only $19.00 (MSRP $29.00) Until Nov 10th from Soundiron