Sonuscore’s The Score 1.1 update is available now


Sonuscore announced a new update to the recently released library, The Score.  It includes more features and even easier access.  Existing customers of The Score can access the update as a complete download in their Best Service customer account or they can use the Best Service update installer.  The update is also available for new customers of The Score starting today.  The Score can be purchased for $399.  More details from Sonuscore below.


We’ve really prepped up a new dish for the holidays with this update for THE SCORE. We’ve listened to your feedback and set our little programming elves to work. With the latest update comes:

-10 new stories
-Chord Studio: Sample chord progressions with each Story
-Chord Studio: Chord generator in scale mode
-Chord Studio: 16 new chord types for more advanced harmonies
-Chord Studio: Octave function for timeline and jam tab
-Keyswitches can now be transposed by two octaves
-Customizer: “Clear” function to mute instruments and create variations more easily
-Instruments can be loaded multiple times into multiple slots to edit sustains and arps in creative ways
-LEAD Instrument: Additional Sustain Patches for all Legato Patches available now


Please visit Sonuscore for more information.