Sonuscore introduces Stereolab by BOOM Library


Sonuscore announced the release of BOOM Library’s new plug-in Sterolab.  It’s available at a special intro price of $71 (regular price $89) until August 15th, 2023.  A free iLok account is required and VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats are supported.  More details from Sonuscore below. 

Keep your sounds three-dimensional and dynamic by using STEREOLAB to morph your mono signal into a full-range stereo sound, or shrink your wide field into a coherent, single mono mix. With left/right independent panning, mid-side gain, left and right delays to create interaural time differences.

STEREOLAB brings together all stereo effects into one place. And with very simple controls, it makes it easy to carve out the right audio position for your tracks with surgical precision.  STEREOLAB truly is an all-in-one stereo-mono plug-in that is a must-have on every FX chain. 

Please visit Sonuscore for more information.