Sonora Cinematic releases Atlas Flutes World Winds Toolbox


Sonora Cinematic has released Atlas Flutes World Winds Toolbox, an intriguing collection of world woodwinds that focuses on short, almost percussive and textural, articulations.  It’s available now at an introduction price of £69 (regular price £89) until November 30th, 2022.  This woodwind library runs in the free Kontakt Player 6.7.1+ or higher.  More details from Sonora Cinematic below.

Atlas Flutes features an alto flute, a bass flute, a Kaval, a West African flute, a Quenacho  and Pan Pipes all meticulously recorded, programmed and delivered in the styles typically heard in film, game and other media soundtracks.  Each instrument can play Marcato, Staccato, Staccatissimo, Swells in two or three different durations, Sforzando in three different durations, Jet Tones (Bass and Alto Flutes only) and Flutters (Kaval, Bass Flute, Alto Flute and West African Flute only).

This captivating instrument for the free Kontakt Player is inspired by the work of legendary film composer James Horner and features six instruments, plus never-sampled-before articulations and a unique performance mode which make it possible to add woodwinds to your musical creations in new and exciting ways.

Whilst this toolbox is perfect for achieving authentic, atmospheric and enchanting ethnic soundtracks, we also recorded incredible Kaval and Bass Flute textures that vary from purely acoustic improvisations to designed, hybrid soundscapes.

Use the X-Y pad to morph between them and create your own distinctive sounds ranging from disturbing, dark and haunting to light, airy and uplifting.


A unique feature of Atlas Flutes is the Performance Mode designed to significantly speed up workflows. Once activated it will control all the selected instrument’s short articulations from one single keyboard mapping. The left part of the keyboard will define the pitch to be played and the right side triggers notes: marcato, staccato and staccatissimo on the white keys, swells and sforzandos on the black. 

For more information, please visit Sonora Cinematic.