Sonixinema announces Kaleidoscope Scoring Competition


The folks over at Sonixinema have launched the Kaleidoscope Scoring Competition.  Win up to £1690 in prizes!  More details from Sonixinema below.


To celebrate the end of 2023, we’re offering the chance to get creative and win some big prizes!

1st Place wins all our instruments (RRP £1,690.99)

2nd Place wins £500 gift card

3nd Place wins £200 gift card

4nd Place wins £100 gift card

Like a glance through a kaleidoscope, our music is ever-changing and evolving. Write a piece of music that you feel truly reflects your voice as a composer, producer or music maker – now is your chance to show off!

How To Enter:

-Write a piece of music at least 60 seconds long
-Use at least one of Sonixinema‘s instruments (freebies allowed)
-Follow Sonixinema on at least one of the following social media platforms: Instagram, Youtube or Facebook

Optional: If you want your friend to win £100 gift card write a post on either Instagram or Facebook about your entry, and tag your friend and tag @sonixinema!

To submit your entry, fill in the form here. 


Please visit Sonixinema for more information.