Silence+Other Sounds release Mystery Box


Silenc+Other Sounds has released MISTERY BOX – BOWED EXPERIMENTS

Mystery Box is a collection of cinematic sounds based on experimenting with cello and violin bows on metallic objects and broken instruments. We’ve sampled waterphones, old violins, metallic dump scrapes and other resonant objects to create a collection of eerie, subtle yet unique sounds.

The library comes with 5 Kontakt instruments to shape the sounds in a variety of ways. Turn any of the 160+ horror sounds in a fully playable instrument by exploring the tonal regions produced by the bow resonances.

“Mystery Box contains an hidden coupon to download for freeone of our best seller libraries, Zithergeist (UNTIL NOVEMBER 27th). Wanna have it? Then find the lock combination on the GUI and get prepared for a serious jump scare.”

This Kontakt library is currently on a special promotion price of just $19 (reg $29) 

For all details visit  Silenc+Other Sounds