Silence+Other Sounds release Maleventum epic horns and stabs for kontakt.


Silence+Other Sounds release Maleventum, epic horns and stabs for kontakt.

The library is available on a special intro offer for $39 (reg €59) plus save 50% OFF on any other Silence+Other Sounds libraries at check out.

Details below from the developer’s newsletter announcement.

Maleventum is a Kontakt library inspired by medieval and Viking horns. We have committed to a deep research in the cinematic sound of epic war horns from ancient nordic and celtic cultures, from the carnyx to gjallahorn and bukkehorn (goat horn). We’ve recorded a huge amount of original medieval horn instruments, classical orchestral trombone and tuba, traditional flutes, horn instruments from the pastoral tradition across Europe and even self built blowing horns and pipes. All of them have been processed and layered to create a collection of epic braams, hunt horn calls, war horns, low tone brass sounds, high pitched screaming trumpets, animal-esque wailing sounds and much else.

Each sound and instrument contained in Maleventum instantly evokes scenes of forgotten dark ages, Viking armies and warriors, epic ancient battles, vast frozen landscapes, mystical pagan cults and supernatural presences hovering in the wind of the nordic woods.

Maleventum is composed of 2 different instruments:

– a playable, MPE compatible HORNS & FLUTES PADS module with over 100 snapshots and 58 MPE Multis, that combines up to 4 layers of horns, flutes and rare bagpipe sounds and textures. The Horns & Flutes instrument really shines when creating evoking, mystical and intimate tonal textures.

– a ONE-SHOT SFX SAMPLER of 260+ one-shots sounds (.WAV 96 kHz 24 bit) based on epic cinematic horns, tuned braams, war horns, viking horn calls, nordic hunt horns, dissonant trumpets, creature-reminiscent eerie horn tones, loud aggressive stabs, brass staccatos, long evocative tones, battle horn calls. With the intuitive GUI, you can individually manipulate each sample, combine multiple sounds and obtain your own bombastic war horn stabs and viking braams.

Maleventum supports MPE: you can easily MIDI map Volume, Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter and LFO rate for each of the 4 layers of the Horns & Flutes Pad instrument by using the Mapping screen. All of these parameters can be controlled per note, allowing you to create custom patches of rich, evolving end expressive pads and melodies from over 120 selectable horn pad sounds and textures, 58 MPE Multis and 100+ Snapshots. To discover more about the MPE implementation of Maleventum, please consult our free manual(link).

Maleventum is compatible with any MIDI controller, you don’t necessarily need an MPE-compatible one and you can map the aforementioned parameters to the MIDI CCs of your controller.

For all details on Maleventum visit Silence+Other Sounds