Save 70% on World AI – Animated Intelligence by Sample Logic


The final deal of Sample Logic‘s 17th Anniversary Celebration Sale has been revealed: 70% off World AI – Animated Intelligence.  For a limited time, this library is available for only $120 (regular price $399.99).  The full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is required.  More details from Sample Logic below.

Introducing WORLD AI – Animated Intelligence: A sublime fusion of world instruments and vocals captured from around the entire globe. This cultural collection is fueled by creative animation and dynamic motion, conjuring imaginative and exquisite instruments.

WORLD AI blurs the line between traditional instruments and modern sound design to deliver a unique palette of lively organic world sounds, each one morphed with motion and a touch of synthesis. This visionary approach combines a cutting edge multi-core performance engine with authentic indigenous performances to deliver a 7 GB virtual instrument for the Kontakt engine.

These 592 intelligently designed multi-sampled instruments and presets are your starting points for a globe-trotting adventure. Each one utilizes an extremely versatile engine for unlimited creativity, combining real-world organic performances with intelligent rhythmic motifs.


For more information, please visit Sample Logic.