Save 60% OFF Pulse Setter Sounds’ fan-fav Epic Babies


Pulse Setter Sounds has announced 60% OFF Epic Babies

“Baby toys have been transformed into a rare and useful hybrid sample library for Kontakt (Full Version).”

Grab this impressive Kontakt library now for just $28 (reg $69.00). No info on how long this will last so get it quick if you are interested.

Check out the SLR first look of Epic Babies here if you want to hear the presets right out of the box. More details and demos from the developer below.

There are huge epic hybrid drum loops and braams, eerie hits, odd tonal keyboard and other indescribably sample instruments made with baby xylophones, baby bottles, babies crying souls and other baby paraphernalia.

Our goal is to expand the sound design possibilities to the limit. Using everyday babies toys but processing them with hardware and the most odd and unheard of software mangler, Epic Babies will find a place on any’s composers template for one reason or another. Even if its just to show off how the spooky babies eyes open when pressing a note!

For all details visit the official 60% OFF Epic babies page at Pulse Setter Sounds


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