Save 55% on LoFi Flux Machine by Yum Audio


There’s a new deal at Audio Plugin Deals featuring 55% off LoFi Flux Machine by Yum Audio.  LoFi Flux Machine is an instant classic effect that can be used to add appeal, life & character to any audio signal you feed into it.  It’s available now to purchase for $49 instead of the normal $109 price. This offer will run until October 13th, 2022.  More details from APD below.  

Get LoFI Flux Machine by Yum Audio!  Its intricate mix of analog modeled tape warble, flutter as well as a versatile tone section allow the creation of anything, from subtle stereo effects to full blown creative sound transformations.

We took our established virtual tape circuits and used them in a way that gives you full control over the behaviour and accuracy of their Warble and Flutter effects. The plugin can be very clean and precise or create a sound that is warm and has beautiful inconsistencies.

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