Save 50% on ProjectSAM Symphobia Instruments


Native Instruments announced a new sale featuring 50% off Project SAM’s Symphobia Instruments.  For the next couple of weeks, you can purchase any Symphobia library at half price.  The sale will run until March 28th, 2024.  More details from Native Instruments below.


Grow your cinematic composition collection with ProjectSAM’s renowned Symphobia Series – every volume is now half price, for a limited time only. Whatever your project, get blockbuster-ready orchestral ensembles and effects for sci-fi, action, horror, fantasy, mystery, and beyond.

Reuben Cornell walks us through ProjectSAM and its exciting new features. Explore their latest renditions of the Symphobia Series – suspenseful strings, heavy hits, and realistic performances are all possible in an all-in-one instrument browser with upgraded features. Score your soundtracks with precision and ease using highly playable orchestral palettes cherished by composers.


Please visit Native Instruments for more information.